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Announcing Zacuto's Canon C400 Rigs & Accessories

Over the past couple months, Zacuto have had the pleasure to work behind the scenes with Canon to develop accessories for their new Canon C400 camera. The newly announced camera will make its debut appearance at Cinegear Expo June 7-9th, 2024 at Warner Brothers Studio in Burbank California. The RF mount full frame 6K sensor camera follows a similar body style as the popular Canon C200 and C500 Mark II. It is approximately 4mm taller than the C70 but about 14mm shorter than the Canon C500 Mark II. The Canon C400 is also less wide than the C70 and C500 Mark II. The Canon C400 is lightweight and compact. It has 15+ stops of dynamic range, triple base ISO, Dual Pixel CMOS AF II. The Canon C400 has a removable top handle with a multi accessory hot shoe with electrical contacts. It comes with a 3.5” LCD monitor that connects to the camera with a USB-C. It has a removable rosette mounted side handgrip. Pretty similar setup to previous Canon EOS cameras. So what has Zacuto made to help the ergonomics of this camera? Zacuto Canon C400 Z-Finder With the absence of a viewfinder, a trend that we are seeing more and more with cameras, Canon asked that we adapt our popular Z-Finder to work with the Canon C400. Luckily, the same Z-Finder we made back in 2010 for the Canon 5D works. If you are a proud owner of the legendary Zacuto Z-Finder Pro 2.5, this is the same Z-Finder. You can just buy the custom Canon C400 Z-Finder Frame. The customer frame allows you to quickly flip it up to use the screen and/or snap it off completely. There are two ways to mount this Z-Finder, 1) using the Canon C400 monitor mount with a Zacuto provided locking cap to support the weight or 2) use the custom C400 Rosette Mount with an Axis Micro or Axis Min for a more robust flexible mount. You can mount the Axis Micro or Mini on the Canon C400 handle or build out your rig further with Zacuto accessories, like the Canon C400 Cage, and Shoulder Mount. Zacuto Canon C400 Recoil Rig 12 years ago, we designed our first Recoil Rig and they are still widely being used with every new camera that releases. Next Generation Recoil rigs are designed for optimal balance and comfort when shoulder mounted or on a tripod. With lenses and cameras being similar weights, the balance point is approximately where the lens meets the camera body. The Canon C400 Recoil rig is no different. The Canon C400 Shoulder-mounted rig includes our VCT Pro baseplate, the Rosette Trigger Grip to relocate the C400 handgrip, the Canon C400 cage, the Canon C400 Z-Finder with rosette adapter and Axis Mini, and tactical handle. This is the ultimate configuration for shoulder mounting the Canon C400 utilizing the Canon C400 LCD screen with Z-Finder. Balanced, and easy to transition from shoulder, to handheld to tripod.

Smart Z-Finder

Viewfinder for Smartphones. If you have a smartphone (and who doesn't?). You need this. A game-changing accessory for smartphone content creators. Designed to magnify and block out light, it enables you to see an in-depth, glare-free image of your screen to achieve critical focus and framing. Engineered to add points of stability and turn your smartphone ergonomically into a production grade camera. * Outperform Pro Cameras: Convenience of a pro camera in your pocket * Enhanced View: Offers a larger, glare free view of your screen. * Precision Autofocus: Capture sharp and precisely framed shots * Zero Distractions: Immersive shooting experience

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