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Welcome to FILMFLOW: Your Ultimate Destination for Filmmaking Equipment At FILMFLOW, we understand the power of capturing moments and telling stories through the lens of a camera. We are a company dedicated to sourcing, importing and selling high-quality photographic equipment tailored to the film making industry. Whether you’re embarking on your first film project or have an extensive portfolio, FILMFLOW is here to support you. Explore our wide range of film making equipment, immerse yourself in our community, and unleash your creative potential with FILMFLOW. Begin your cinematic journey today!
Smart Z-Finder - #1

Smart Z-Finder

Viewfinder for Smartphones. If you have a smartphone (and who doesn't?). You need this. A game-changing accessory for smartphone content creators. Designed to magnify and block out light, it enables you to see an in-depth, glare-free image of your screen to achieve critical focus and framing. Engineered to add points of stability and turn your smartphone ergonomically into a production grade camera. * Outperform Pro Cameras: Convenience of a pro camera in your pocket * Enhanced View: Offers a larger, glare free view of your screen. * Precision Autofocus: Capture sharp and precisely framed shots * Zero Distractions: Immersive shooting experience

Zacuto Sony FX6 Z-Finder - #1

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Zacuto Sony FX6 Z-Finder

The Zacuto Sony FX6 Z-Finder is specifically designed to suit the shape and size of the monitor included with the Sony FX6.

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